Our Journey : Belgium

May 3, 2011Our Blog, Travel

Day 4 Once again we woke up to the drills of busy workers, so naturally we jumped on a 9:30am train to Antwerp. We were very proud of ourselves for navigating through the Belgium rail systems. We spent the day walking around and exploring. We’re not quite sure what we saw, but we saw. I … Read More

Our Journey : Belgium

April 26, 2011Our Blog, Travel

Brussels | Day 3 Monday morning. We woke up to drills, saws, and jackhammers. Is there really construction occurring right outside our hotel window? Not even just a minor renovation, but the actual erection of a building. Just swell! Monday morning alarm clock. We did a very thorough job of exploring the city outside of … Read More

Our Journey : Belgium

April 20, 2011Our Blog, Travel

Brussels | Day 2 Today, we had a tough start. We woke up for breakfast, and then went right back to sleep. We finally made it out around 1pm. We walked past the Grand Place and found Central Station, some royal buildings, and a park. We had lunch at the Danish Tavern and I tried … Read More

Our Journey | Belgium

April 17, 2011Our Blog, Travel

Although we have traveled abroad the last few years, this is the first time we would like to share our experience in a way that our readers can clearly enjoy our trip with us.  Since we love to explore the cities we visit and take endless amounts of images, we’ve included a link at the … Read More