Refined Skincare.

Logo Design

Pelledoro revitalizes skin for an eternity, so this customized logo utilized the hidden message of the infinity symbol to attract the perfect customer.

A proprietary typeface is essential to standing out in the marketplace. When creating the Pelladoro logo we combined fonts to create a custom look.

Package Design

At Asano we specialize in designs that have multiple functions. Pelledoro needed to work on shelf and online, and appeal to both sexes. We showcased light pastels for a softer more romantic look, and then black, white, and silver with an altered logo to show strength.

Sweet Pastels

Pulling floral hues from nature allows a package to be both reminiscent of a more romantic time and appeal to a consumer’s feminine side. Pastels are unintimidating and incredibly inviting- whether paired with white for a modern fun look or with a neutral cream for a warm vintage aesthetic, the use of pastels opens up limitless design options.

Chic Black 

Touches of stark white and rich metallics on a sleek black background create a look that feels both exclusive and extremely desirable. Reserved mostly for “top-shelf” products, black helps define a product as having significant worth, while the introduction of white and/or metallic tones adds additional interest.

Four P’s

The “P” taken from “Pelledoro” is arranged to represent the four showcased products.