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Day 4

Once again we woke up to the drills of busy workers, so naturally we jumped on a 9:30am train to Antwerp. We were very proud of ourselves for navigating through the Belgium rail systems. We spent the day walking around and exploring. We’re not quite sure what we saw, but we saw. I loved the major fashion street and almost bought a pair of pumas, until I was told my feet were too small because they didn’t have my size.

Gare Centrale: Brussels Central Station.

Admiring our reflections as we wait for the right train. 

Round trip ticket.

Coca Cola is a classic just about any place you visit. 

Beauty in an alley.

Funny statues outside the National Scheepvaartmuseum (National Maritime Museum).

Michael at his best.

Bridge leading to The River Scheldt.

Blind spot?

Michael leads the way. 

He needed some assistance.


Same spot, different perspectives.  


Puma store where my feet were declared too small.

It is very drizzly today and Michael is completely out of control. He is in full “bb” mode and won’t stop annoying me with unwanted snapshots. Apparently, having a bad hair day in the rain warrants full day coverage from the photographer.

Why does he do this to me?

I dislike these immensely.

We all pose in good fun thanks to Michael.

Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal: Gothic cathedral.

We had a pizza lunch at Verona and a cookie crunch ice cream before heading pack to Brussels. We bought some jewelry and finally settled on a magnet (our annual souvenir).  We made the mistake of getting on a local train so it took much longer than it should have. Luckily, the conductor spoke a bit of English and told us to jump off.

Italian wine washes down some pizza.

I hate this picture.

Belgium scenery, courtesy of the local train.

Bye bye local. Onto express.

After napping, we took a stroll before dinner, winding up at Café Orts (where we had thought about eating several times, but walked out for god knows what reason). Well, it truly was the best meal we’ve had. The waiter and owner were so nice. We finally felt welcomed somewhere and they helped us pick a good dish. Michael and I both had an Argentinian steak and we said, “No” to cream sauce. They made us our own special mushroom sauce… it was great. The meal was huge and tasty! We were so full, but left room for dessert. Michael thought he ordered fondant, but it turned out to be vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Lol. We had to pay cash because their credit card machine was down and it won’t be fixed until Thursday. Boo! Michael was so bummed because he really wanted to go back tomorrow. The guy even said he would make us ratatouille. We were so excited to finally have a great dinner with nice people. It’s too bad we spent all our money.

This might classify as an overindulgence.

See below for more pictures from day 4.