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Building brands through stunning design and collaboration

Brand Strategy & Identity

We partner with your team to develop a point of differentiation between you and your competitors. We will define your business goals & objectives through researching your industry and observing the competition. Together, we define a new brand strategy, outline positioning, messaging, and brand voice.

With our brand direction in place, we explore ways to express our ideas through visual language. We create your brand’s identity, including logo, font system, color palette and more. We work and re-work designs until we have discovered a direction that is unique to your brand.

Package Design

Your product’s packaging not only needs to stand out from your competitors’ but also must appeal to your customers in-store and online. We do an in-depth analysis of your brand and product. Then follow our brand strategy process to help us establish the best look for your package.

Brand Implementation

Together we uncover where your brand lives today. We translate ideas into commercially viable stories for our clients and establish new goals to continue growing their business. Asano Designs offers support in a wide range of categories including presentations, trade booths, social media, websites, UI/UX and more.

The best journeys are
taken together

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