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Cards. When we sat down this year to discuss our ideas for our Christmas card, it took a while to become motivated.  We really wanted to come up with something unique and different.  Ideas flew around the room, but there was only one that stuck; coasters.  Why not give our family, friends, and clients something more than a typical card?  Something they could use this holiday season and decorate with.  Our excitement grew when we started designing and decided to use a varnish.  We loved the idea of a play on words; if you use the coaster you are literally having a drink on us.  Also, we focused on the celebration of the New Year; holiday festivities with good company.

The next step was creating the packaging for the coasters.  This would be more than just a card. It would be an experience. Recipients would tear open their card as though it was a gift.  We even put a bow on top.

We printed, cut, folded, perforated, hammered, and stuffed.  Michael wanted no part in the bow tying.  We created our list of names and carefully printed each square envelope.  Each night consisted of something different, and our efforts were driven by our love for the season.  It is truly the most wonderful time of the year.