We transformed Plum Naked from a passion project into a full-fledged business with a strong brand identity and design strategy. In addition to packaging, we orchestrated the design of their website visuals and messaging to keep the new version of the brand cohesive. They can now compete in the ever-expanding market of health and beauty products. 

The Strategy

For Plum Naked, the needs went beyond visual branding. They needed another voice in the room to see their brand from an outside perspective, give it life, and then market it effectively. For this, we used a three-phase process.

01. Brand Audit

We brainstormed with the client to understand what values and concepts they associated with their brand identity. We needed to understand what the client envisioned for Plum Naked before starting any design work. 

02. Exploration

We combined fresh concepts with what we already collected from the client, and presented Plum Naked with a wide range of palettes, fonts, words, and visuals. Seeing what our clients like as well as what they dislike helps us narrow it down to the true brand voice and vision.

03. Design and Marketing

We used client feedback and created a fresh logo, packaging, and social media management that encapsulated Plum Naked’s identity.

The Results

Asano Designs exceeded the client’s expectations with visual branding and a design strategy that best positions Plum Naked to its target audience. We crafted a unique, cohesive voice for the company that conveys a focus on inclusivity, family values, and above all, adventure. 


  • Logo redesign 
  • New packaging design for all eight products, including an icon that reaffirmed Plum Naked’s commitment to all-natural products
  • Iconography for the four remedy balms to showcase their benefits to the consumer and differentiate them from the four original balms
  • Marketing materials for wholesale buyers
  • Best practices and a solid identity 

Social Media Marketing

Plum Naked’s mission of sharing “the love of outdoor adventure for all” is clear in all marketing efforts, and we now manage their social media marketing with fresh captions and visuals. 

The Plum Naked brand has potential for rapid growth and longevity due to its packaging and logo redesign as well as a new social media marketing strategy.

Beyond the logo and package

We crafted the visual identity by creating a fresh logo. We also reworked the packaging and iconography of the four remedy balms in order to distinguish them from the original balms and make their benefits clear to the consumer.  

Stamp of Approval

In addition, we created a “stamp of approval” graphic for the packaging that reaffirmed the Plum Naked pledge to source natural ingredients. 

Package Redesign

Asano Designs created a strong brand identity for Plum Naked—from packaging to digital marketing, to how Plum Naked is advertised to consumers and wholesale buyers—that has potential for rapid growth and longevity.