Unique Coffee Roasters

Staten Island, NY

Unique Coffee Roasters is a Staten Island based Coffee Roaster. With over twenty-five years of roasting experience, their knowledge and expertise can be compared to none. Their passion and love for coffee is diligently nurtured into every pound of coffee that leaves their doors. With every cup of freshly brewed coffee, you can taste the devotion that was put into creating that perfect cup.

Unique Coffee Roasters came to Asano Designs for a refresh of their logo and bag design. They needed a bag that could fit their message while still being able to apply a label that represented each flavor.


What we did

Logo Redesign
Bag Redesign

A more Unique U

Unique Coffee Roasters wanted to redesign their logo while still paying  homage to their old one. It was important to keep the bean inside of the U. This was their identity and how customers remembered them.  

We met with the client to understand their desires, who their competitors were, and where they envisioned the brand going. The process of drawing the bean to meet all of the variable needs was complicated. But in the result of the new logo is timeless a=nd memorable. 

The Roasting Profile

Asano Designs worked closely with Unique Coffee Roaster to ensure their customers were comfortable in choosing their coffee. We developed a roast legend to help customers determine which roast profile fits their desired flavor preference.

Asano Designs used a color palette that differentiated each of the 7 profiles. 

We recreated the Unique Coffee Roasters logo that stands out in the coffee space while staying relevant to the market and the customers they serve.

Uniques Coffee Roasters evolved into a stronger, more cohesive identity through a logo redesign, and they now have a comprehensive consistent look that relays the brand clearly through best practices for years to come.