Soom Foods

Open Sesame

Soom Foods is made up of three hard-working women who love to eat, value health, convenience and quality, and were inspired by the ancient sesame seed—a mystical, powerful seed with the nutrition, taste, and versatility to meet current consumer demands. Their passions was to launch a premium tahini that is delicious, nutritious, and easy for anyone to enjoy.


What we did

Brand Strategy
Package design
Competitive Visual Analysis
Brand Extensions
Marketing Materials

The Strategy

Soom Foods wanted to redesign their packaging and create a unique identity that still resonated in the food service industry. Chefs all throughout the United States use tahini for many of their recipes. Soom wanted to reach them by telling their story in a unique way. 

We worked with renowned chefs and used their recipes for a photoshoot that would deliver the 3 sisters message in a way that was memorable to chefs. We then incorporated this into a conversation piece newspaper that was sent out with spec sheets and how to connect with Soom to find out more information. 

The Solution

Asano Designs worked closely with Soom Foods to ensure that we not only understood the audience, but what their goals were for the future of their brand. 

We came up with cohesive visuals that resonated in the food service industry and could be used across all forms of marketing while still remaining a unified voice. 

Asano Designs used a color palette that positioned Soom as a professional but accessible brand, a digital guide with images, digital elements, and best practices for employees and outside vendors. 

We recreated the Soom package with visual designs that help them stand out in the food and beverage space while staying relevant to the market.

Some evolved into a stronger, more cohesive identity through their package redesign, and they now have a comprehensive consistent look that relays the brand clearly through best practices for years to come.