A Brand Transformation for Better Pelvic Health

Our Eight Week Objective

Watkins-Conti approached us with a unique branding challenge, seeking to revamp their brand identity and messaging. Our primary objective: creating a captivating trade booth for an upcoming show. Within an ambitious eight-week timeline, our project scope extended beyond the booth; it encompassed a new tagline, “Better Pelvic Health,” a brochure, website redesign, and a 45-page brand guideline.

Trade Booth Transformation

Asano Designs presented modular trade booth concepts tailored to suit various event spaces. Smaller components were recommended for a 10×6-foot space, while larger components were designed for a 10×20-foot space.

Audience Analysis

  • Utilizing generative AI, Asano Designs pinpointed the target audience: women aged 40 to 65 with careers, healthcare professionals, women’s health advocates, investors, and active mothers.
  • Specific professions, such as a traffic cop or schoolteacher, were chosen to represent the audience’s diversity and unique challenges.

Website Revamp

  • We embarked on the task of developing a user-friendly WordPress website, showcasing product descriptions, patient testimonials, clinical data, a blog, and contact forms.
  • This digital space evolved into a hub, serving as a valuable resource for both patients and professionals seeking information about Watkins Conti’s offerings.
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Brochure Development

  • We meticulously crafted a detailed brochure, providing in-depth insights into product details, clinical data, and authentic patient testimonials.
  • The brochure became a tangible asset, perfect for distribution at conferences and events.

Visual Branding

  • A customized color palette was designed, enhancing the existing blue and yellow with a pinkish-purple hue that resonated with the audience.
  • A comprehensive set of brand guidelines was compiled to ensure consistency across all brand assets.

A Brand Transformation in eight weeks

In a mere eight weeks, Asano Designs and Watkins Conti collaboratively rejuvenated the brand. They revamped the trade booth, designed a new logo and tagline, optimized the website and crafted a comprehensive 45-page brand guideline. This transformation not only reinvigorated Watkins Conti’s image but also broadened their reach and impact in pelvic health, resonating powerfully with their audience.

Branding Transformation in as little as Eight Weeks

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