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We recently had the pleasure of working with Mashup Media to create a standout event identity for the ONC Brothers’ post-ASCO 24 event, “Advancements in Oncology: Today’s Data for Tomorrow’s Practice.”

The Challenge

The ONC Brothers needed a cohesive and engaging event logo that could be used across various platforms and materials, from digital banners to swag. The goal was to create a visual identity that resonated with the event’s theme and audience.


Our Approach

  1. Discovery Phase: We kicked off by understanding the client’s needs, audience, and the event’s purpose. This helped us align our creative direction with their goals.
  2. Concept Development: We presented four distinct logo concepts, each with unique styles and color palettes. The chosen design featured an overlapping logo that integrated the client’s branding with the event’s identity.
  3. Refinement: After selecting the preferred logo, we refined it further by incorporating the chosen color palette—dark blue, vibrant blue, and pink. We also explored additional stylistic elements to enhance the logo’s visual appeal.

Logo Development

A unique overlapping logo that combined the ONC Brothers’ branding with the event’s identity.

Swag and giveaways

Created concepts for items like tumblers, t-shirts, and wristbands.

Digital Signage

Developed eye-catching animations that kept the audience engaged throughout the event.

Printed Materials

Included QR codes for easy registration and feedback collection.


  1. Cohesive Branding: The event’s visual identity was seamlessly integrated across all materials, creating a unified and professional look.
  2. Engagement: The vibrant and playful design elements captured attendees’ attention and enhanced their overall experience.
  3. Versatility: The logo and design elements were adaptable for various uses, from small spaces to large digital displays.


We had a blast working on this project and are thrilled with the outcome. The cohesive branding and engaging design elements helped make the “Advancements in Oncology” event a memorable experience for all attendees.


See more of the work below

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