Blood Cancers Today

A Redesigned Brand & User Experience

Blood Cancers Today is a property that provides hematologists and oncologists with news, education, and information relevant to their patients and practices, with insight from experts in the field. With a growing online community and print magazine, they needed a refresh and a responsive logo to maintain consistent branding across all platforms. We collaborated with the team to develop a modernized design strategy and optimized their website and mobile app for a better user experience. Additionally, we developed a template for emails and assisted with sales decks and marketing communications to promote their advertising space. Our efforts had a significant impact on audience engagement, retention, and revenue generation.

What we did:

  • Logo & Identity
  • Presentation Slide Templates
  • Brochure Layouts
  • Social Media Design Integration
  • Website Design Consulting
  • Magazine Cover Consulting
  • Optimize Website for a better UX
  • Sales Presentation
BCT magazine cover
BCT magazine cover

The Strategy

Blood Cancers Today wanted to redesign their logo and create a unique identity that still resonated in the healthcare space. They have a large audience so it was clear that they needed a constant visual presence that translated to both digital and print.

We met with the client to understand where the brand had been, who their competitors were, and where new brand was heading to inform our design process.