From Brand Identity to Resource Hub

POCN is a healthcare platform that supports nurse practitioners and physician associates with opportunities to elevate and expand their careers. To fund these opportunities, they partner with life sciences organizations and agencies to create educational opportunities and support targeted marketing campaigns. When POCN’s founder, Richard approached us, he needed a brand identify that resonated with life sciences and agency brands, and conveyed the value that NPs and PAs bring to patient care. However, as a small team, POCN lacked the resources to execute on ideas and needed help establishing a consistent brand identity for their events and programs.

What We Did:

  • Logo & Identity
  • Marketing communication
  • Presentation Slide Templates
  • Event branding design
  • Social Media Design Integration
  • Website Design
  • Competitive Visual Analysis


POCN faced challenges in creating consistent branding and marketing materials for their events and programs as they grew. Additionally, they needed to establish a web presence that communicated their mission and provided resources for healthcare professionals.


We worked with POCN to develop a brand identity and guidelines that showcased the professionalism and expertise of NPs and PAs while conveying a sense of community and support. We designed invitations, newsletters, and marketing communications that helped POCN create consistent branding and promote all their events. We developed a web presence for POCN and created a look for their mentoring program as well as a platform for NPs and PAs to search for educational content. We developed the visual system for Center of Excellence (COE), a web property that delivers relevant information curated by NPs and PAs.

Center of Excellence

Our work with COE resulted in the creation of a strong and consistent identity that resonated with healthcare professionals. Over 15 logo variations were developed based on the design system we created, ensuring that all communications and materials had a cohesive look and feel. This helped to establish recognition and trust in the COE brand, making it a reliable resource for clinicians seeking up-to-date information, tools, and guidance to improve patient outcomes.


Through our partnership, POCN was able to host 14 events over seven years, all with consistent branding and messaging, which helped to establish recognition for the POCN brand in the healthcare industry. POCN’s web presence provided valuable resources for healthcare professionals, including job postings and continuing education opportunities, and COE provided clinicians with access to up-to-date resources and guidance to enhance their practice and improve patient outcomes.

“Michael Campasano has helped our team in more ways than one. From building logos and branding across multiple product lines and web properties. Having a clear direction with our branding has been incredibly valuable to our company. I appreciate and love Michael’s responsiveness and his feel for what the essence of
our brand identity is. Michael is collaborative and has a keen eye for what makes the most sense based on the medium that we’re working in.”

Richard Zwikel


Our collaboration with POCN allowed us to help Richard bring his ideas to life and establish a consistent brand identity for his healthcare business. As POCN grew, we were able to help them expand their programs and provide valuable resources and recognition for nurse practitioners and physician associates. COE provided a comprehensive resource for clinicians to stay up-to-date with the latest clinical guidelines and tools to improve patient care.

Brand Guidelines

Stationery Design

Presentation Layouts