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During this time of year we all get lots of mail; whether it be magazines and catalogs, or cards from businesses and loved ones. In order to stand out, you need to do something different. Branding a card that says, “Warm Wishes this Holiday Season” simply isn’t enough. It will be placed on the mantle with everyone else’s cards and there will be nothing to remember you by. In order to separate yourself, your card needs to be creative and have an appealing message. Chances are there is going to be some hand work involved as well. This year, Rahvalor decided to send their clients chocolate.  A message was developed, the wrappers were designed, and the production began. This not only showcased Rahvalor’s style, but it also expressed their appreciation towards their customers. They even went so far as personalizing each card with their names. In this case, a little thing, such as a handwritten signiture goes a long way.

The beginning stages before anything is done. Just foil and a chocolate bar.

The wrappers are printed and applied to the bars.

The front cover of the card with a QR code on the back.

Hand written signatures.

Envelope Stuffing.